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President's Message

We are on our way to becoming a world-class university,
serving our seafaring nation!

President of KMOUPark han-il

In the six decades since 1945, Korea Maritime and Ocean University has greatly contributed to building a strong seafaring nation by graduating personnel specialized in maritime technology and ocean research.

Especially, alumni of this university who made their careers with the sea have, through their painstaking efforts in all maritime affairs, played a vital role in making our country one of the top ten ocean-going countries in the world.

The advanced countries of the world have already entered an era of competition over resources that the ocean provides, such as logistic routes, minerals, foods, tourism, energy, etc.
Now we must turn our focus from the continent to the ocean and prepare ourselves for competition in the ocean age.

Young men and women who dream of a bright future!
Citizens who love Korea Maritime and Ocean University!
The ocean is our new continent. The wide blue sea is open to the future of the human race.
Put aside a land-oriented bias and discover an area of limitless possibility in the ocean.
Discover the opportunities and challenges of the ocean, which is even bigger than the combined continents.
At the center of the new ocean age stands Korea Maritime and Ocean University!

In its 2nd century, KMOU will continue sailing forward as a think-tank specialized in ocean affairs,
training outstanding maritime professionals to meet the needs of industries and academia. It will also continue to further the oceanic presence of Korea and serve as a 'knowledge lighthouse' illuminating the heart of the maritime concerns of industry, academia, and government. We will continue to bring the future to you with vision and passion.

Thank you.