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Telephone Service

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Telephone Call

  • Buy a calling card at a store on campus or at convenience stores off campus or you may use the public phone using some coins.
  • From Korea => Overseas: Dial 001 - (the country code you are calling) - (Overseas area code) - (Telephone No.)
  • From overseas => to Korea : 82(country code of Korea) - 51(Area code of Busan) - (Telephone No.)
  • From Busan => Other areas in Korea : (Area code : Seoul 02, Daegue 053) - (Telephone No.)
  • Other areas => to Busan : 051(Area code of Busan) - (Telephone No.)

The phone in the Students Dormitories is available to receive incoming phone calls only, thus making off-campus calls is not possible. You are not to accept collect calls. You can use the phone at no charge to call a number within the campus telephone system just by pressing the 4- digit number without exchange number.