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Club activities give students the chance to develop themselves and experience various aspects of school life through various fun activities outside of research and study. Currently 71 student-governed clubs are registered in our school under five divisions of Sports (Total 24), Art (Total 16), Academics (Total 10), Religion (Total 11), and Volunteering (Total 10). These clubs are associated with University Club Association.

Clubs list
Category Name of Club Name of Club Name of Club
Sports Division
(Total 24)
Football Volleyball Rowing
Yacht Scuba Diving Taekgyeon
Fencing Basketball Maritime Youth
Windsurfing Haedong Fencing Hercules
Baseball Tennis Viking
Rugby Alpine Club Taekwon
Canoe Judo Soccer
Dolphin Bowling (KMBC) Blade Runner
Art Division
(Total 16)
Neptune Melrose Maritime Literature Association
Photography M&D Haemyong Classical Guitar
Happenings SSBB Sorigol
Poseidon Sea-Monster Cartoon Youth
DMB Sinmyeong Z.E.D
Sound of the Wave
Academics Division
(Total 10)
Deul Bool HAM Maricom
Bimahwai Japanese Language Armature PC
A-chi Time 21th C.C Private Open School
A-chi Dayeon
Religious Sub-department
(Total 11)
Buddhist Student Association Jeungsando Academy Y.W.A.M
Catholic Student Association Sea-Hosanna E.S.F
Christian Student Association Sea-Cross C.C.C
Caris I.V.F
Volunteering Division
(Total 10)
A-chi Leo Sori Sonteul Nawon
A-chi Haenwoolhwai Youth Hostel Seonam R.A
RCY Busanjin R.A Beot-bae