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Aranuri ?
It is from pure Korean words, 아라누리.
The meaning is ‘the ocean is the world’.

aranuri contents"
No.11 Angry students and citizens against the president pdf
No.10 Always wanting to see KMOU, Aranuri met the chief of 2016 "See U" pdf
No.8 Children with monster nannies pdf
No.6 Movement of Public Agencies E-book pdf
No.5 KMOU Speedily Transforming into a Global Campus E-book pdf
No.4 Youth Unemployment and the Future of KMU Students E-book pdf
No.3 What Will Happen in 2013? E-book pdf
No.2 Do Your Have the Active Character to Become an International Student? E-book pdf
No.1 The New Leader of KMU President Park Han-il E-book pdf