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LINC+, Holding a Global Convergence Capstone Design Contest with Kyushu Institute of Technology
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2017-12-29 09:45:34
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Following the last year, the Leaders in Industry/university Cooperation+ Center (Chief: Kyeong Gab-soo) held a global Convergence Capstone Design contest at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) in Japan.

The three-day, from December 7 to 9, contest marks the second anniversary. It aims to achieve a higher outcome from Convergence Capstone Design, strengthen a global competitiveness based on exchanges among universities, and encourage students to suggest high-quality ideas. The contest had 8 teams of KMOU students and 5 teams of Kyutech students.

The Capstone UCC which the students made during their task showed that they highly understood the topic, applied technologies and problem-solving techniques. Also, they had presentations and poster sessions and then gathered together for discussion based on their own interesting subjects.

The chief said, “The role and capacity of KMOU students can expand beyond limitation, especially in Busan, one of ocean powers in Korea. For this reason, we will make efforts to nurture talented people who can lead the global maritime and ocean industry amid the 4th industrial revolution and develop an advanced cooperation model between industries and universities which can contribute to the development of local communities. The exchange activities and benchmarking will be a key to achieve the goal.”

In the meantime, Capstone Design is a comprehensive education program for designing. It aims students to design and produce works, which are helpful for students majoring in engineering to enhance a problem-solving capacity in their real working conditions. Capstone, which literally means a decoration on the top of a stone pillar of a fence, represents a crowning achievement and performance.

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