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Opening of the 2017 KMOU International Summer School
Date :
2017-07-28 09:56:06
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A Center for International Affairs (Director: Ryu Dong-geun) held an entrance ceremony for the 2017 KMOU International Summer School at BPA Hall in the Center on July 17. From that day, the Summer School is scheduled to be operated for three weeks. 

For the School, talented students are invited from overseas universities in sisterhood relationship which concluded international academic exchange agreements with KMOU.  

A total of 38 students—most of them are selected in their own countries’ maritime and ocean universities—from 11 universities in 7 countries (Russia, Taiwan, Japan, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia) are participating in the School. During their three-week stay, various programs such as Korean Language Class, Korean Traditional Culture Class, Special Lecture about Maritime and Ocean Studies, Marine Leisure Sports Class, and Field Trip to maritime/ocean-related agencies. In addition, they are expected to visit some spots around Busan as a team with KOU students. 

As the first International Summer School of KMOU, which is held by the Center, it will be continuously operated to inform the KMOU’s excellence of the world and promote globalization.

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